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Spiced Air Fryer Apple

Picture of Orla Walsh, RD
Orla Walsh, RD
Orla Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Physiologist. Orla is the founder of Orla Walsh Nutrition, she is the former performance nutritionist to the Irish Olympic team and is regular contributor for the Irish Independent newspaper, RTE and Newstalk FM.

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This is so simple and can be made so quickly in an air fryer. Perfect for eating with creamy yoghurt or on top of porridge. It provides an impressive 6g of fibre per bow. Considering we need 25-35 grams of fibre each day, this breakfast topper or snack can make a big difference.

If you’re wondering ‘could I use up my old bananas’ by using them instead of apple, then yes! Pear also works well, but I personally prefer it with almonds.

Pecans are great at lowering cholesterol so enjoying this as a porridge topper is a great choice if following a cholesterol lowering heart healthy diet.

What you’ll need

  • An apple
  • Handful of pecans/ walnuts
  • A sprinkling of cinnamon/ mixed spice
  • A drizzle of honey

How to make it

  • Chop the apple into cubes and place in the airfryer basket.
  • Throw in the handful of nuts and spinkle with spice.
  • Drizzle with honey, shake it and bake it for 8-10 min at 180-200 degrees.

Nutritional Information

  • Serve with 150g of 5% Greek yoghurt = 365kcall, 16g protein and 6g fibre
  • Serve with a slice of wholegrain toast with peanut butter, honey and cinnamno (sprinkle on top) = 578kcal, 23g protein and 9g fibre.
  • Serve on top of a small bowl of porridge (30g oats and 200ml whole milk) = 560kcal, 26g protein, 9g fibre (large amount of fibre in this bowl!)

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