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Corporate & Media Engagements with Orla Walsh

Collaborate with Orla Walsh for your brand or corporate wellness events

In the dynamic arena of health, wellness, and nutrition, Orla Walsh is the authoritative figure that leading PR agencies, brands, and corporate entities trust for unmatched expertise. Her trusted voice is revered across media outlets and corporate landscapes alike.

Orla Walsh Irish Independent Front Cover
Orla Walsh on the Irish Independent Health & Living magazine
Media Accolades:

From the Irish Independent to top-tier broadcasters like TV3/ Virgin Ireland, Newstalk, RTE Radio 1, 2 FM, Today FM, 98FM and Q102 Orla’s insights have consistently enlightened audiences. Her articles and interviews simplify complex nutritional topics, making them accessible and relevant to all.

Why Partner with Orla?

Orla’s distinct blend of humour, clarity, and evidence-backed knowledge sets her apart. She’s the perfect choice for working with health and nutrition products, ensuring genuine representation and informed promotion.

Orla in Action:

Orla’s vast knowledge, coupled with her engaging presence and relatable communication style, has solidified her position as a preferred guest on Irish TV and radio to discuss an array of nutrition-related topics and bust nutrition myths.

Corporate Health & Wellness Engagements:

Leading organisations in Ireland recognise Orla’s unique ability to elevate corporate wellness programs. Engage Orla for comprehensive wellness programmes, including interactive Q&A sessions and educational presentations designed to promote healthy living in the workplace.

Orla Walsh Keynote Speaker at Wellfest
Orla Walsh as a Keynote Speaker at Wellfest
Keynote Speeches & Presentations for Corporate Events:

Orla’s repertoire extends to diverse topics tailored for corporate health and wellness events. This list includes some of the topics Orla more regularly speaks on;

  • Lifestyle choices for better energy

  • Cholesterol Management

  • Improving Gut Health Fundamentals

  • Mastering Menopause

  • Guidance for Raising Fussy Eater Children

  • Living with Migraine: Strategies and Solutions

  • All-encompassing Family Nutrition

  • The Essentials of Healthy Eating for the Modern Professional

  • Eating to support immune function

Seeking a Nutrition Expert for Your Brand or Event?

Whether you’re a PR agency scouting for the ideal brand partnership in the health sector or a corporate entity seeking a seasoned speaker for a wellness event, Orla is your prime candidate. Let’s forge a successful collaboration together.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a corporate or media engagement.

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