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The Essentials of Healthy Eating

Understand the essentials of healthy eating.

Gain the tools you need to create a long term healthy diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition Masterclass & e-Book

Unlock the Secrets of Health and Nutrition​

Dive into the heart of nutrition science with our Nutrition Masterclass, The Essentials of Healthy Eating, led by Registered Dietitian, Orla Walsh. This course stands as a protector of truth amidst the widespread nutritional myths, offering you a chance to learn from a recognised expert in the field. It’s designed for anyone who’s serious about understanding nutrition – whether for personal well-being or professional advancement.

Why Take This Course?

Guidance from a Leader

Orla brings her extensive expertise to each lesson, guiding you through the complexities of nutrition with clarity.

Science-Based Learning

Arm yourself with knowledge that cuts through common myths, focusing on what truly matters for health and wellness.

In-Depth Knowledge

From foundational principles to advanced concepts, gain the understanding needed to make informed dietary choices.

Versatile Application

Whether you’re on a personal health journey or guiding others, this masterclass is your gateway to becoming a beacon of nutritional wisdom.

Explore Comprehensive Modules

As part of this course, you can watch over 4 hours of video content and read her comprehensive e-book, where Orla meticulously covers the essential nutrition topics across key modules, including:

Positive Nutrition

Learn how to approach your diet with a positive, health-focussed mindset.


Understand the role of calories in nutrition and understand the complexities with tracking.


Discover the critical importance of water for overall health.


Dive into the world of proteins and their significance in our diet.


Get to grips with the truth about carbs and their place in healthy eating.


Unravel the facts about fats and how to choose the right types for your diet.

Fruit & Vegetables

Explore the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Assessing Health

Learn methods used to evaluate and monitor health indicators.


Integrate your knowledge to create a balanced, sustainable dietary plan.

Make the Change Today

Join a community of learners who have taken the step towards better health. With Orla Walsh’s Nutrition Masterclass, you’re not just learning; you’re setting the foundation for a healthier, happier life for you and perhaps for those that surround you too.

The Essentials of Healthy Eating

Orla Walsh Healthy Eating

BONUS: As Orla is a Registered Dietitian in Ireland, depending on your policy, you may be able to submit your invoice to claim from your health insurer.

Why Enrol In This Course?

Trust an Expert

There is nobody better placed than a CORU Registered Dietitian to provide nutritional education

Evidence-Based Learning

My content is grounded in the latest scientific research, providing you with reliable and up-to-date information

Jargon-Free Mythbusting

I always keep things simple and debunk many of the health and nutrition myths we can be subjected to regularly

Lifetime Access Anywhere

Revisit your courses anytime, anywhere, from mobile, tablet or desktop.
I believe in learning at your own pace.

Health Insurance

As I am a CORU Registered Dietitian in Ireland, depending on your policy, you may allowed to claim from your health insurer.

Varied Learning Styles

My courses are built in such a way to facilitate different learning styles. You can watch, listen and read to learn

Most people have no idea how good they are designed to feel, but you will.

With over 4 hours of video content and my detailed Healthy Eating course e-book, you will 

  • Learn about the essential components of a healthy diet – hydration, fats, carbohydrates, protein, fruit & veg;
  • Gain insight to my evidence based, jargon-free approach, ideas & example meal plans to support you in building a healthy diet and lifestyle.
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About Orla

Orla Walsh Healthy Eating

Orla Walsh

Registered Dietitian & Physiologist

Orla Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Physiologist, and the founder of Orla Walsh Nutrition, Ireland’s leading dietetic and nutrition clinic.

Having initially graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Physiology, Orla subsequently continued to quench her thirst for knowledge by following that up with a PgDip in Dietetics, an MSc in Clinical Nutrition, a PgDip in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and an MA in Physiology.

Orla is the former Head Performance Dietitian with Athletics Ireland and consultant to the Irish Institute of Sport where she worked with many athletes in the build up to the Rio Olympics. She has written for the Irish Independent since 2016 and is a regular contributor to other national media outlets across print, TV and radio.

Orla also runs a number of active social media accounts across multiple platforms, while also writing for her healthy living blog on and providing countless recipes for people to learn from.

Orla is passionate about anything related to health, science, food, exercise and everything to do with the great outdoors.

Invest in yourself and OWN your health

Say goodbye to diet culture and hello to nourishing yourself for better health.

Edel Barrett
Edel Barrett
I’m a CORU registered dietitian working in Primary Care. I attended Orla’s Safer Approach to Weight Loss webinar as part of updating my CPD. Orla always gives evidence based advice in a very practical way, which I’ve found very applicable to my practice in helping patients in making sustainable dietary changes. I will definitely be attending other webinars in the future.
bridin delaney
bridin delaney
I love Orla's website and her recipes are very simple and straightforward as are her webinars!!
Laura O'Regan
Laura O'Regan
Orla is a wealth of information on all aspects of nutrition. She has an amazing way of explaining in a way it is easy to understand. She gives very practical steps to implement improvements without it being overwhelming! Highly recommend!
Martha NiChualain
Martha NiChualain
I found the January webinar so informative. The advice Orla gave was so practical and achievable. I even listened to the recording after and picked up a few more points. I follow on Instagram and Orla has excellent relevant content. Will be making a clinic appointment.
Xavier Glynn
Xavier Glynn
Top class information provided by Orla and Team🙂
Loretta Crawley
Loretta Crawley
Attended Isabelle in the clinic to assist with cholesterol management. I was provided with so many helpful tips especially around lunchtime which I was struggling with since retirement. I also love the newsletters as it helps keep me on track. Well done to everyone at Orla Walsh Nutrition.
Julie Byrne
Julie Byrne
Orla is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition & all things related to healthy lifestyle & choices. Love her down to earth approach & her easy healthy recipes.
Sinéad Ward
Sinéad Ward
I really enjoy Orlas content. It's information I can trust. I love receiving her emails.

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