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About us

About Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh Healthy Eating

Orla Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Physiologist, and the founder of Orla Walsh Nutrition, Ireland’s leading dietetic and nutrition clinic.

Having initially graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Physiology, Orla subsequently continued to quench her thirst for knowledge by following that up with a PgDip in Dietetics, an MSc in Clinical Nutrition, a PgDip in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and an MA in Physiology.

Orla is the former Head Performance Dietitian with Athletics Ireland and consultant to the Irish Institute of Sport where she worked with many athletes in the build up to the Rio Olympics. She has written for the Irish Independent since 2016 and is a regular contributor to other national media outlets across print, TV and radio.

Orla also runs a number of active social media accounts across multiple platforms, while also running her healthy living blog and providing countless recipes for people to learn from.

Orla is passionate about anything related to health, science, food, exercise and everything to do with the great outdoors.

About the ORLA Walsh Nutrition clinic

In 2011, after garnering extensive experience and insights from her tenure in leading hospitals across Ireland and the UK, Orla Walsh established Orla Walsh Nutrition (O.W.N.). Guided by a vision to forge a clinic where excellence in dietetics and nutrition is the norm. Orla set the foundation for a practice that is today celebrated as one of Ireland’s premier nutrition and dietetic clinics.

Orla Walsh Nutrition is more than just a clinic; it’s a trusted partner in your health and wellness journey. Our reputation as a leading practice in Ireland is built on a bedrock of uncompromising dedication to evidence-based, practical advice that genuinely makes a difference in our clients’ lives.

Our Expertise

Fertility Nutrition

Safe, pragmatic information based on evidence and delivered compassionately.

Weight Management

Tailored holistic strategies for sustainable health.

Heart Health

Effective, tactical plan shown to work.

Hormonal Balance

Navigating changes from PCOS to Menopause with nutritional wisdom.

Gut Health

Building the foundation of good health from the inside out.

Children's Nutrition

Nurturing growth and health in every child.

Athletic Performance

Fuelling peak performance in sports and daily life.

At O.W.N., diversity in expertise meets unity in purpose. While each Registered Dietitian brings their unique flair and specialisation to the clinic, our collective approach is unwaveringly person-centred. We understand that nutrition is deeply personal and that effective advice must be as unique as the individuals we serve. Our commitment is to provide you with nutritional solutions that are not only scientifically grounded but also highly personalized, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into your life and help you achieve your health goals.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing O.W.N. means partnering with a team that is as invested in your health as you are. It means getting access to the latest nutritional science in a way that’s clear, practical, and devoid of jargon. It means finding a supportive, empathetic ally in your journey towards better health. With Orla Walsh Nutrition, discover how the right nutrition can transform your life, one meal at a time.


OUR Team

All OWN Dietitians are general practitioners working across all areas of dietetics

Orla Walsh, RD

Orla Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and a Physiologist. 

She has a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched. When not working, studying, or looking after her 3 gorgeous children, she can be found on a mountain side hillwalking, escaping for camping adventures, or cooking for family and friends.

Orla’s areas of interest include PCOS, cholesterol lowering diets, IBS & weight management.


PgDip Dietetics, Kings College London.

MA Physiology, Trinity College Dublin

MSc Clinical Nutrition, Roehampton University, London

PgDip Sports and Exercise Nutrition at the University of Ulster

Certificates & additional training in Behaviour Change, the low FODMAP diet, Fertility, PCOS and ISAK Anthropometry.

Hazel Windsor-Aubrey, RD

Hazel has worked as a dietitian in both the UK and Ireland. Although Hazel enjoys all areas of dietetics, she specialises in weight management and insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver etc…). 

Hazel prefers to spend her weekends outdoors playing tennis, hiking or attempting to grow vegetables in the garden and is more easily pleased by the kitchen to herself and a good podcast where she can cook to her hearts content!


MSc Dietetics, Kings College London.

BSc Human Nutrition, University of Ulster.

Research Dietitian, St Vincent’s University Hospital.

Certificates & additional training in Behaviour Change, the low FODMAP diet, Fertility and PCOS.

Isabelle Fagan, RD

Isabelle has an inherent passion for food and nutritional science. Her holistic approach has led her to further training in the area of fitness and health. Although Isabelle enjoys all areas of Dietetics, she is passionate about fertility, weight management, menopause, cholesterol lowering and PCOS. She also has a keen interest in gut health including IBD, coeliac disease & IBS.


BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Trinity College Dublin / DIT.

QQI Level 6 Cert in Supervisory Management, Beaumont Hospital.

Certificates or additional training in Personal Training & Fitness, the low FODMAP diet, Fertility and PCOS.

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