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Baked eggs

Picture of Orla Walsh, RD
Orla Walsh, RD
Orla Walsh is a Registered Dietitian and Physiologist. Orla is the founder of Orla Walsh Nutrition, she is the former performance nutritionist to the Irish Olympic team and is regular contributor for the Irish Independent newspaper, RTE and Newstalk FM.

I just love this breakfast/ lunch. It keeps me nice and full. It’s delicious on it’s own if you need a low carb meal (blood sugars are high, more insulin resistant in the morning e.g. in gestational diabetes, carb cycling for sports adaptation reasons etc…). It’s also lovely with some wholegrain pitas (I like my eggs runny for dipping purposes!).

This lunch option provides 32g of protein and only 280 calories. In order to feel nice and full, and to stay satisfied till dinner, pair with some brown bread and cream cheese. This brings the lunch up to a much more filling 540 calories with an impressive 42 grams of protein. Choose a high fibre bread option by opting for wholegrain, a bread with seeds or checking the label (>6 grams of fibre per 100g).


  • Bag of spinach
  • 1-2 eggs
  • Packet of smoked salmon

How to make it

  • Place a bag of spinach into a colander. Pour water from a boiling kettle over it. Let the water drain away.
  • Line an ovenproof dish with smoked salmon (you probably don’t need the whole packet).
  • Squeeze the spinach and place onto the salmon.
  • Crack the egg/s over the salmon. Season with black pepper (there’s salt in the smoked salmon so no need for more!)
  • Place the dish in a preheated oven at about 170 degrees. Once the white of the egg is done, it’s done! Takes about 10-15mins.


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