Sports Nutrition Clinic

Orla runs a sports specific clinic on Fridays within the dublin nutrition centreĀ .

Orla currently works with the Irish Institute of Sport and Athletics Ireland. Orla worked with many athletes in the build up to the Olympics and World Competitions. She has worked with, and currently works with, a broad range of athletes and sports including Cycling, Swimming, Modern Pentathlon, Badminton as well as many track events including 400m hurdles, sprint and endurance events.

Sports Package will include:

Week 1 (2 hours):

Body composition – by callipers, if deemed appropriate.

Education on the foundation of Sports Nutrition.

Short term goal setting.

Week 2 (45 minutes)

Check up and tailoring of plan.

Week 3 (45 minutes)

Advice regards to supplementation.

Nutritional plan to enable adaptation and metabolic flexibility.

Week 4 (1.5 hours)

Body composition – recheck.

Medium term goal setting.

Cost 700 euro